Students have expressed concern that, in spite of the wealth of self-defense studies available, few seem to address that many crimes, such as muggings, occur in darkness. My teaching emphasizes a basic layout of the human body. By mastering this fundamental principle, one is more likely to inflict injury upon an opponent, even in relative darkness. This approach to ‘mapping’ provides a sense of relative distance from one target to another. For example, when one knows the location of the knee, the location of the groin is known. When this technique is mastered, an opponent’s hand on the back will provide one with sufficient information to fight back effectively. 

As a general rule, the combat principles I teach in regular lighting will work in darkness; however, effective fighting in such situations should be handled much more slowly. 

Tim Larkin is the creator of Target Focus Training. Tim Larkin is also the author of the self-defense book "How to Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life."